3D Corporate Solutions

3D Corporate Solutions was founded in August of 2002. Since the very beginning, our company has been dedicated to our vision of being the best value-added pet food/food ingredient supplier in the industry. In order to accomplish our goals, we have hired proven professionals from all disciplines and allowed these professionals to set up programs that provide the industry with the best service and the best quality possible.

We believe in our industries. Our philosophy is that 3D will provide quality products and quality services that meet our customer's needs. Quality and service are the main ingredients of the products sold by our companies, and we stand behind all of our products. In our world, the customer is king. We will do whatever we have to do to satisfy our customers. We believe that ethics are an important aspect of doing business and we conduct ourselves accordingly. Our word is our bond.

In less than 10 years, 3D Corporate solutions has grown from a two-person company to a team of over 160 professionals specializing in sales and marketing, logistics, sourcing, manufacturing, operations, purchasing, quality assurance, research and development, accounting/finance, human resources and new business development.

The 3D Corporate Solutions family of companies is made up of Pet Solutions LLC, which provides EU certified rendered meals and fats, Protein Solutions LLC, which provides gently processed proteins, fats and specialty products, 3D Corporate Solutions, which provides food and feed ingredient acquisitions, logistics and other services.  Recently, as of December 30th, 2010, 3D became an Employee Owned Company.

3D Corporate Solutions, LLC will develop programs connecting new innovative technologies, products and logistics services with progressive industry leaders having the potential to exploit new products and services to their highest values, rewarding both supplier and manufacturer. 3D Corporate Solutions, LLC will manage all facets of contract programs for both suppliers and manufacturers. Our obligation is equal to both parties assuring they will meet their commitments and their financial goals.